Introduction to Computer Graphics and Java Programming for Artists

School of the Museum of Fine Arts ::: Continuing Education

George Aroush, instructor

Required text book:

Title Java How to Program
Authors Paul J. Deitel, and Harvey M. Deitel
Publisher Prentice Hall Computer Books
ISBN 0-13-034151-7
List Price $76.00

Alternative text and/or electronic book:

Title Thinking in Java -- Second Edition
Author Bruce Eckel
Publisher Prentice Hall Computer Books
ISBN 0-13-027363-5
List Price $44.99
Free Download

Highly recommended text book:

Title Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, Second Edition in C
Authors James D. Foley (Editor), Andries van Dam, Steven K. Feiner, and John F. Hughes
Publisher Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.
ISBN 0-201-12110-7
List Price $74.99

NOTE: This book starts form the beginning and goes on to quite an advance level; it would be useful for years to come and is considered as the Bible; but be warned that it is heavily mathematical.


Lecture 1 Introduction; Using Eclipse; Compiling in Java; Simple Variables
Lecture 2 What is an OS; Introduction to Graphics and Graphics Functions
Lecture 3 The World Wide Web; Loops & Controls -- Part I; Simple Animation
Lecture 4 Writing Methods
Lecture 5 Array Variables; 2D Shapes & Transformations
Lecture 6 Colors; More Loops & Controls -- Part II; Sines, Cosines & Curves; Floating Point
Lecture 7 A True Java Applet; 2D Array; 2D Transform; Switches
Lecture 8 3D Graphics -- Part I
Lecture 9 3D Graphics -- Part II
Lecture 10 3D Graphics -- Part III
Lecture 11 Using the Mouse; Working with Classes; Overloading
Lecture 12 More on Java's classes; Inheratation
Lecture 13 A look at Java's AWT and Events

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