Introduction to Computer Graphics and Java Programming for Artists

School of the Museum of Fine Arts ::: Continuing Education

George Aroush, instructor

Course Description:

In recent years, the WWW (Word Wide Web) has grown enormously as a medium involving artists and designers. Its main shortcoming, however, has been that the tools for Web design were limited, allowing Web artists to provide only static feedback to the user. Over the years, several techniques were developed to overcome this limitation, but each technique had its own shortcoming.

Enter Java, the new programming language that is hailed as the vehicle that will take the Web to its next frontier, a language that will put life into Web pages and is limited only by the imagination of the artist. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of 2-D and 3-D computer graphics, using Java programming to create computer graphics on the Web. We will use MS Windows-based computers, but the skills you learn will be transferable to other platforms. Assignments and homework will be assigned each week, and students will complete a final project. Although this course is an introductory Java programming course, students must have a basic knowledge of how to operate a computer, e.g. word processing.

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